RAF E-Type Flying Helmet, H-Type Oxygen Mask + MKVIII Goggles

RAF E-Type Flying Helmet, H-Type Oxygen Mask + MKVIII Goggles

Code: 50036

Here we have a nice set representative of aircrew in the Middle or Far East in the latter years of the Second World War.

This set consists of an original E-type flying helmet complete with original wiring and receivers, H-type oxygen mask and MK VIII Goggles.

The E-Type flying helmet is in reasonable condition and displays well. It is complete with original receivers and wartime wiring loom both of which are in very good condition and correctly fitted. The bell plug is in great shape also.

The airtex material the helmet is made from is in good condition for its age but does have some white marks to the rear. All the leather parts are in good condition as are the pop studs which all work. The chin strap is intact and retains good elasticity.

The H-type oxygen mask the large type 57 microphone as used during the Second World War. The harness is good and a nice tan shade. All the metalwork on the harness is intact and has no signs of corrosion. The rubber face piece has seen better days but still displays well.

The goggles are MKVIII style but not wartime manufacture. The metal work is the right colour and the look very much like wartime made MK VIII goggles and display well. The strap has lost a lot of its elasticity but still displays well.

All in all, a nice set which displays very nicely together.

Please note, display head not included!