RAF Costal Command Irvin Flying Jacket

RAF Costal Command Irvin Flying Jacket

Code: 50037

An extremely good example here of a wartime Coastal Command Irvin flying jacket with yellow hood.

The overall condition of this rare Irvin is incredible! The leather is in fantastic shape and the sheepskin lining is beautiful, as can clearly be seen in the photographs. The hood still retains the large majority of its yellow paint and hasn't' been cut down like some other examples available on the market.

All the zips are AM marked with a crown and in perfect working condition. The hanging chain in the neck is still intact and strong and usable.

The waist belt is present and in perfect order with all the eyelets still present and a lovely buckle with no signs of corrosion to be seen!

Sadly, there is no label in this jacket which is the only real floor. I would say however that it is one of the smallest sizes made and would recommend a fit o a 36" chest.

All in all, an extremely good example of a rare wartime Irvin which would be very hard to better!