Original WW2 Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm C Type Flying Helmet Large Size

Original WW2 Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm C Type Flying Helmet Large Size

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An original Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm C Type flying helmet in good condition which is a large size 3 or 4. 

This helmet features the three goggle straps to the rear which denote this as a wartime produced example. The five strap pattern which superseded this was introduced before the end of the Second World War confirming this as a WW2 item.

The overall condition of the helmet is very good and it displays well. The leather is still supple with only limited signs of use and scuffing, and all the pop studs work as they should. The 22C Contract number can be seen stamped into the leather near the chin strap although it is hard to read. The ear pieces feature their original zips which both retain their original leather pull tabs and function as they should. Inside the moulded receiver cups are intact with one having a crack in it towards the bottom. There are no ear sponges fitted but the ear pieces have been filled to give the same effect.

The interior is also good, showing only very limited signs of wear or use. The chamois material is still bright and fresh with only limited soiling. The original owner has marked his name to the interior which appears to read 'Koeleman'.

There is no clear size marking anywhere on the helmet but it is a large example which is at least a size 3 and quite possibly a size4. 

Overall, a nice original FAA C-type flying helmet which displays very nicely and is a rare large size.