Original WW2 RAF Type 48 Microphone Assembly + Box

Original WW2 RAF Type 48 Microphone Assembly + Box

Code: 54118


An original RAF Type 48 Microphone Assembly complete in its original box and in fantastic unissued condition.

This pattern of microphone was fitted to the E, E* and G Type oxygen mask during WW2. It features the reference number of 10A/12570 to the front and an on / off switch. It is wired with a wartime pattern khaki coloured cloth covered lead which features a two pin connector which fits the C, D and E Type helmets. The mic comes complete with the rubber dust ring which is in good condition.

The microphone comes complete with it's original cardboard box and packaging. The box features the stores reference number of 10A/14381 along with the Air Ministry AM and crown logo. 

Both the microphone and box are in excellent condition for their age as can be seen in the pictures. The mic is particualrly fresh and has clearly never been used. 

A nice original wartime example which would be very hard to upgrade!