Original WW2 RAF MK VIII Flying Goggles

Original WW2 RAF MK VIII Flying Goggles

Code: 50391


An original pair of MK VIII RAF Flying goggles in good condition with the larger leather padding often associated with early MK VIII Goggles.

The MK VIII goggles are arguably the most iconic of all RAF goggles, coming into service during 1943 and stay in use with the RAF until the 1960s.

These goggles are in great shape for their age as can be seen in the photographs. The large leather pads are in good condition and all the stitching appears to be strong all round.

The elastic strap is good and still retains its elasticity and isn’t worn out and stretched like many offered on the market. The metal adjuster has corroded slightly but both the leather pull tabs are still intact and in good condition.

The brass frames are in good condition and retain most of their original blue paint. The chamois backing of the goggles is also good showing signs of use but nothing too excessive. The tapes between the two eye pads are also in good condition and the lenses are very good but with only slight signs of

An excellent original pair of WW2 RAF goggles in great condition and they would make an excellent display piece without a doubt.