Original WW2 RAF First Pattern C Type Flying Helmet - Attributed

Original WW2 RAF First Pattern C Type Flying Helmet - Attributed

Code: 53409


An original early WW2 RAF First Pattern C Type Flying Helmet which belonged to 551146 Cyril Jeboult Jones.

Cyril Jeboult Jones was born in Plymouth on the 17th of October 1919 and joined the RAF some time in the 1930s. He was a sergeant around the time of the Battle of Britain and it appears he flew Blenheims with 252 Squadron as this number can just be made out written in ink on one of his pictures. He flew 32 daylight ops on Fairey Swordfish (during 1939), Blenheims and Beaufort types as well as Mosquitos. He was shot down over Italy in 1942 and spent the next years as a prisoner of war in Italy and then in Germany. He is recorded as being at Stalag 357 Kopernikus - Oerbke and Stalag Luft VI Heydekrug and his POW number was 3747. During the early part of the war he was a Sergeant but was made up to Warrant Officer and finished the war with this rank. After the war he worked for Rolls Royce in Derby.

The helmet itself is a typical early C type which at some stage was fitted with guide plates for the MKIV flying goggles. Like many early C type helmets, this example features the extra goggle straps to the front of the helmet not seen on later patterns as well as the leather chin strap and 'Bennetts' buckle which is usually associated with this pattern. There are holes where the guide plates were previously fitted which are detailed in the pictures. The rubber receiver cups are replacements fitted by Stephen Silburn as are the chamois covered 'donuts' inside the helmet. The original Air Ministry AM and crown stamp can be found in the leather to the left hand side underneath the rubber receiver cup.

The original label is present to the interior and is typical of those found on helmets made around 1941. It bears the RAF stores code of 22c/450 as well as the size of 2 and the Air Ministry AM and crown marking. There is also some writing in ink which quite likely relates to the original owner although it is sadly no longer legible.

The overall condition of the helmet is good and it displays well. There are signs of wear and age and the chamois interior is soiled which is to be expected of a helmet which has seen action. Please study the pictures before purchasing. 

A nice original early flying helmet which could be the same one Cyril is wearing in one of his wartime photographs attached to the listing.