Original WW2 RAF Early Second Pattern C Type Flying Helmet - Large

Original WW2 RAF Early Second Pattern C Type Flying Helmet - Large

Code: 53745


An original early second Pattern RAF C-Type Flying Helmet in good condition and dating from the Second World War.

This pattern of helmet is sometimes referred to as the 'Second Pattern' C Type or, possibly more accurately, the first pattern internally wired C Type. This pattern was introduced in March 1944 replacing the earlier externally wired version and saw use throughout the rest of the conflict. The rear of the helmet features three straps which confirms this as a wartime helmet - The 5 strap version replaced this before the end of the war. 

The helmet is a clean example overall and only has limited signs of wear. The leather outer is in fine shape with some light scuffing etc and is still supple and pliable. All the pop studs are present as are the goggle straps which are in excellent condition. The pop studs themselves still retain all their factory paint and the elastic chin strap is in good condition and retains plenty of elasticity. The Rubber headphone receiver cups are soft and pliable, possibly being recent replacements. The receivers and wiring loom are high quality modern reproductions which are hard to distinguish from the genuine article. The bell plug is an original and in good condition. 

The RAF stores number is still just visible to the side of the helmet although I cannot make out the exact number. The '22C/' stores reference can be seen in picture 5. The helmet is very large and quite possibly a size 4, if not a roomy size 3 which may make this ideal for a re-enactor. 

Altogether a clean example of a wartime C Type helmet which displays well and is a harder to find large size. This would make an excellent addition to any RAF display or collection.