Original WW2 RAF Ditching Whistle

Original WW2 RAF Ditching Whistle

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An original Royal Air Force ditching whistle dating from the Second World War and in good condition.

This pattern of whistle was worn by aircrew during the mid war and late-war period, usually on the collar of the battledress jacket. It was also popular with American airmen stationed in England during WW2 and many period photographs show them being worn on A2 flying jackets.

The whistle is a classic shape and the body is nickel plated. The Air Ministry marking AM and crown marking are present to one side, below which is the RAF stores number of 23/230. The whistle also retains its original  metal split ring which allows it to be attached to clothing.

The condition is good with some sign of age. Some brass is showing through the nickel plating in places giving it a nice patina. 

A good original example in nice condition!