Original WW2 RAF D Type Flying Helmet - Size 3

Original WW2 RAF D Type Flying Helmet - Size 3

Code: 51319


An original WW2 RAF D-type Tropical flying helmet in good condition.

This pattern of flying helmet was introduced in the first half of the Second World War for use in the tropics. These helmets saw use in the Far east and Middle east with the RAF and Costal Command. They all saw more limited use with the USAAF.

The helmet is made from a cotton drill material and is lined with an off-white satin. The pattern closely follows the second pattern C-type helmet with rubber earcups, internal wiring and elasticated chin strap. A neck flap is also present to keep the sun of the wearers neck.The exterior of the helmet bares a purple stamp which reads 22c/971 which denotes the helmet as a size 3. The War Department broad arrow is also in evidence.

Inside the helmet the lining the original size stamp is still present and is bright and legible. It states 'Size No. 3, 7 1/8 - 1/2' so a good wearable size.

The helmet has previously been fitted with gosport tubes with one of the earphones still being in position inside the helmet. The other is sadly missing.

The helmet is in distressed condition with signs of use and plenty of age. The exterior is pretty good overall meaning that it displays well. The rubber ear cups are good with one being slightly pout of shape and showing more age than the other. The interior is far from perfect with the main issue being the ear donuts which have extensive damage. The condition of the helmet is reflected in the price so please take time to study the pictures.

Whilst not the finest example of a D helmet it still displays well and could make a good addition to a flying helmet display.