Original WW2 RAF C Type Flying Helmet - Size 2

Original WW2 RAF C Type Flying Helmet - Size 2

Code: 52430


An original Royal Air Force C Type Flying Helmet in a size 2 and in good condition. 

This pattern of helmet is sometimes referred to as the 'Second Pattern' C Type or, possibly more accurately, the first pattern internally wired C Type. This pattern was introduced in March 1944 replacing the earlier externally wired version and saw use throughout the rest of the conflict. The rear of the helmet features three straps which confirms this as a wartime helmet - The 5 strap version replaced this before the end of the war. 

The exterior of the helmet is made from a brown coloured leather and is fitted with brass press studs throughout. The goggle straps all retain their snaps which have almost all of their brown painted finish to the exterior. The grey elastic chin strap is present and in reasonably good condition as are the receiver cups save for a split as shown in picture ten. The War Department broad arrow marking and stores code are still present to the exterior of the helmet with the code reading 22c/878 which denotes the size as No.2. 

The helmet is fitted with Canadian made RCAF marked C-3 Receivers which bear the stores code of 10A/3698 and the makers initials of 'N. E. Co'. A dark coloured wiring loom which is in excellent condition is fitted with a black bell plu which is also in good condition. 

The interior of the helmet is lined with chamois leather and is in good condition with only limited soiling from wear and use. 

Overall the helmet displays very well indeed with no major flaws or serious signs of age or wear. 

A very nice example of a wartime RAF C Type flying helmet in great condition