Original WW2 RAF 1941 Pattern Flying Boots - Size 9

Original WW2 RAF 1941 Pattern Flying Boots - Size 9

Code: 11020


A fantastic pair of original RAF 1941 pattern flying boots in excellent condition.

This pattern of boots came into issue with the RAF during the Second World and were particularly popular with Bomber Command, earning the nick name of 'bomber boots'.

This particular pair are in outstanding condition which would be hard to better. They appear to have seen only very limited use showing some wear to the heel. Aside from this they are in almost perfect condition. There is no damage or cracking to the soles, the rubber which surrounds the bottom section of the uppers is very good as is the suede. The sheepskin lining is again very good with no sign of damage or discoloration.

Both boots retain their original zips which match and work as they should. They are marked 'W' to the front whilst the rear bears the Air Ministy AM and crown marking.

The leather flap which sits behind the zipper on each boot bears the War Department broad arrow marking as well as the numeral '9' which relates to size. The AID stamp is also present as is common to find on genuie RAF issue items from this period.

A fantastic example of this pattern of boots which are a good size and would be very hard to better!