Original WW2 RAF 1941 Pattern Flying Boots - Size 6

Original WW2 RAF 1941 Pattern Flying Boots - Size 6

Code: 55841


An excellent pair of original wartime RAF 1941 pattern flying boots in great condition which are a size 6.

This pattern of boots came into issue with the RAF during the Second World and were particularly popular with Bomber Command, earning the nickname 'bomber boots'.

This particular pair are in fantastic condition with only limited signs of age and wear. The suede uppers are in good shape and are very soft and pliable. The sheepskin lining is also very good and mostly intact. The rubber galosh section which joins the boots and soles is also in excellent condition and is still very pliable with no signs of dryness or cracking. The soles and heels are also in very good condition and are both the original 'Itshide' marked articles. 

Both boots are fitted with matching zippers with one marked with a 'W' to the front and the other is marked 'Lightning'. This style of zips are commonly found on this pattern of boots and they both work well. Both the ankle straps are still present and are the light coloured vegetable tan which is usually seen on this pattern. The stitching that joins one of the straps to the boot has come away as illustrated in picture 10.

The leather flap which sits behind the zipper on each boot bears the Air Ministry AM and crown marking which denotes these as being made in 1944 or earlier as RAF items were marked with the broad arrow in place of the AM mark after this date. The size is also stated as 6 as is the reference number 10147. Some of the stitching which hold the tongue inside the boots is missing as illustrated in picture 8. This is not visible when the boots are worn or displayed. 

Altogether a very nice pair of boots which display extremely well and are a hard to find guaranteed wartime produced pair.