Original WW2 MK VIII RAF Flying Goggles

Original WW2 MK VIII RAF Flying Goggles

Code: 50110


An outstanding pair of RAF MK VIII goggles with the early large padding.

This pattern of goggles came into use with the RAF in 1943 and became the standard issue goggles throughout the war and for many years after.

The goggles feature brass frames painted blue stitched to the leather padding which is chamois backed and a blue elasticated head strap which is adjustable.

The frames are good missing on a small amount of paint to the bottom of one half. The leather and chamois are in excellent condition and show only slight signs of use. There is one nick to the leather however which can be seen in the photographs.

The lens on this particular pair are excellent with no signs of delamination and are very clear.

The strap still retains all of its elasticity and original colour and works well. These straps are usually very worn and only good for display purposes, but this on is like new! There is some rust spotting on the elastic and a small amount of corrosion on the metal but this is to be expected with their age. Both the leather pullers are intact and usable.

All in all a fantastic set of wartime googles which are still very much usable!