Original RAF MKIII H* ICAN Navigational Computer

Original RAF MKIII H* ICAN Navigational Computer

Code: 11056


An original World War Two era RAF ICAN Navigational Computer MK III H* in well used condition.

This dead reckoning computer came into issue during the Second World War and was general issue to allied pilots and navigators for airspeed,altitude,air temperature and drift calculations.

Housed in a plastic case with a hinged, metal, cover; this machine would have been worn strapped to the leg of a flyer. The top face hinges up and over to reveal a true course computer in the bottom and the original observations notes to the top.

Various markings can be found on the computer including the Air Ministry AM mark and Kings crown as well as the stores reference number 6B/250.

Sadly the original leg straps are missing as is the hinge lid amongst other things. The overall condition isn't brilliant but this is reflected in the price and it still displays reasonably.