Original RAF MK VIII Flying Goggles

Original RAF MK VIII Flying Goggles

Code: 50959


An original pair of MK VIII Flying Goggles as used by the RAF During the Second World War.

These goggles are arguably the most iconic of all RAF goggles and saw use with aircrews from 1942 well into the post-war years. They also saw action with USAAF crews, Fleet Air Arm and Coastal Command amongst others.

This particular pair are in good condition and still retain the majority of their original blue paint to the brass frames. The leather pads are nice and most of the stitching appears strong. The chamois backing shows signs of use and wear as is to be expected.

The elastic strap features its original metalwork and the leather tabbed pullers are still intact. The actual elastic section has been sympathetically replaced with new elastic which is a good match in colour for the original.

Altogether a nice pair of MK VIII goggles which display well and would make a good addition to any RAF collection.