Original RAF MK VII Sunglasses

Original RAF MK VII Sunglasses

Code: 50304


A nice original pair of original wartime RAF MK VII sunglasses attributed to a Liberator upper gunner.

These sunglasses saw wide issue during the Second World War with aircrews and this particular pair belonged to a liberator mid-upper gunner who claimed they saved his life. When wearing these glasses and scanning the sky, it is easy to see what he means.

The glasses are bare the Air Ministry mark as well as the 22C contract number inside the right hand arm as is standard on these issue glasses.

There is a small repair to the bridge of the glasses where they meet one of the eye pieces which appears to be period and does not detract from the way the glasses display.

The smoked glass is clear and can be seen through clearly. The overall condition of the glasses is very good considering their age and their history.

The sunglasses are complete with their original case which is in good condtion and functions well. It bares the correct markings to the lid including the Air Ministry contract number.

A very nice pair of sunglasses, complete with thier original case and some nice history.