Original RAF MK IV Oxygen Mask Hose

Original RAF MK IV Oxygen Mask Hose

Code: 51756


An Original WW2 Pattern RAF Oxygen Mask Hose as used with both the G Type and H Type Oxygen masks.

This pattern of hose came into issue with the RAF at the same time as the G type Oxygen mask in 1942. It stayed in service throughout the Second World War and into the post-war years. This example features the correct wartime brass bayonet fitting and white metal crocodile clip to one end and a threaded plastic nut to the other. The bayonet fitting is marked with the Air Ministry crown as well as the stores code of 6D/526 and the designation of MK IV. The bayonet fitting is thread bound which would suggest wartime or immediate post-war use.

The hose is in reasonble condition and displays fairly well. The rubber is cracking in each corregated section which can be seen when the tube is flexed. The metal and brass work shows signs of age but will potentially clean up well. Please study the pictures before purchasing. 

These hoses are rare to find today and often missing from RAF headgear set ups. This would make a great addition to such a set and would make a great finishing touch.