Original RAF G Type or H Type Oxygen Mask Hose

Original RAF G Type or H Type Oxygen Mask Hose

Code: 51136


An Original WW2 Pattern RAF Oxygen Mask Hose as used with both the G Type and H Type Oxygen masks.

This pattern of hose came into issue with the RAF at the same time as the G type Oxygen mask in 1942. It stayed in service throughout the Second World War and into the post-war years. This example most likely dates from the post-war period as it is fitted with a later adapter but it will fit a wartime mask. The adapter was used on Jaguar aircraft but could be removed and replaced with a Wartime pattern adapter.

The hose is in excellent condition and is still supple and flexible. There are no cracks or signs of distress that I can see and overall it displays very well.

These hoses are rare to find today and often missing from RAF headgear set ups. This would make a great addition to such a set and would make a great finishing touch.