Original RAF G-Type / H-Type Oxygen Mask Hose

Original RAF G-Type / H-Type Oxygen Mask Hose

Code: 50631


An orignal RAF oxygen mask hose as used with both the G and H type oxygen masks during the Second World War as well as in the post war years.

This rare hose will fit a wartime mask as well as the late War / post war H Type mask. One end of the hose features a threaded connector which screws on to the mask. This particular example features a post war adapter at the other end but this could easily be replaced with a wartime version which are widely available.

The condition of the hose is very good and it display nicely. There is some signs of cracking between the corrugated sections but this is very common with this vintage rubber item! It certainly doesn’t detract when displayed with a mask in my opinion.

A nice original item which is now becoming hard to find. Ideal to complete you G type of H type oxygen mask!