Original RAF C Type Flying Helmet, G Type Oxygen Mask and MK VIII Goggles

Original RAF C Type Flying Helmet, G Type Oxygen Mask and MK VIII Goggles

Code: 51323


An original Royal Air Force headgear set up including a wired C-Type Flying Helmet, G-Type Oxygen Mask and MK VIII Goggles.

The C Type is a later pattern example featuring the elasticated chin strap which is well worn. It comes complete with a set of receivers and wiring loom although sadly the jack plug is missing. It is a large size which I would say is a 3 or possibly a 4 and overall it displays fairly well. The exterior has lots of signs of wear with areas of the leather finish missing and other flakey areas although some of this is not visible when displayed with goggles. The interior is sound with the usual service wear one would expected to find on an issued flying helmet.

The G Type oxygen mask is a nice example and displays very well. It gives the set a great wartime look and is still a nice light green colour and has not darkened with age and use too much. It is marked as a size small and interestingly has been semi-perminantly attached to the helmet with a small nut and bolt through one of the pop studs which would suggest the helmet and mask have been together for some time. The mask is fitted with a Type 48 microphone which is plugged into the helmet. Overall the condition of the mask is very good but it is missing its nose clip, as is common to find. There is also a small fracture to across the nose which is detailed in the pictures.

The final piece of the set is the MK VIII goggles which are in reasonable condition for their age. The brass frames are nice an still retain the majority of their original blue paint whilst the lenses show some signs of delamination as is common. The leather face cushions look good and the reverse only shows limited signs of use. The elastic strap appears to be the original but has lost most of its elasticity. They display well on the helmet none-the-less.

All in all a nice set which displays well. Whilst not all of it is in the finest condition this has been reflected in the price and it would certainly make a nice addition to a collection.