Original RAF C Type Flying Helmet - Size 3

Original RAF C Type Flying Helmet - Size 3

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An original second Pattern RAF C-Type Flying Helmet in good condition and in a size No. 3.

This pattern of helmet is sometimes referred to as the 'Five Strap' version which was introduced towards the end of the war. This example features the sewn in metal oxygen mask clip, five straps to the rear and an elasticated chin strap. An original set of receivers are fitted inside the rubber era cups and are attached to a wiring loom which is again original to the helmet. To the end of the wiring loom the correct bell plug jacket is fitted. 

The helmet is an clean example overall and has clearly been issued and worn. There is a small area to one side where the chrome leather finish has come worn away, probably from where goggles have been worn. The metalwork shows some signs of age as does the chin strap although it does retain elasticity. The interior is very worn with staining and some holes to the top. This is not evident when the helmet is displayed on a display head but please study the pictures before purchasing. 

To the left hand side of the helmet the original War Department stamp with 'crows foot' is still visible, below which is the stores reference number of 22c/879. Inside the helmet the size stamp is present which is often missing on more worn examples. It states the size as No.3 - 7 1/8 to 7 1/2. 

The original owner has marked his initials to the interior as detailed in picture 12.

Altogether a nice example of a C type helmet complete with its wiring and in a good size.