Original Named RAF B-type Flying Helmet Size 2

Original Named RAF B-type Flying Helmet Size 2

Code: 50172


A beautiful original Battle of Britain period RAF b-type flying helmet in very excellent condition.

The B-type flying helmet came into issue with the RAF prior to the Second World War and became synonymous with the Battle of Britain.

This iconic flying helmet features two zipped ear pieces which house the receivers. Both these retain their original zips which both function well. Inside the war piece are original rubber donuts which the the ear pieces their distinctive shape whilst protecting the receivers. Both ear pieces also bare the AM mark and stores referrence code although these are slightly faint. There are no receivers or wiring present with this helmet.

This helmet also features a leather chin strap which is fastened with a 'Bennetts' buckle. This all works perfectly but it is worth noting that the small metal edging is missing from the end of the strap, as they often are.

On each side of the helmet is a pair of brass pop studs which are designed to take the D-type oxygen mask. The original brown paint is still visible in places and they will both function fine when used with a mask. Between the two left hand studs are a pair of smaller studs who have been added to take a different pattern of oxygen mask.

Inside the helmet is named and also numbered. The name appears to be 'Beckteh' and the number 2262102 which may be traceable.

I would say this helmet is a small size 2 as it is a tight fit on the mannequin head but displays well nonetheless.

The overall condition of the helmet is fantastic as can be seen in the pictures. The outer leather shell is in extremely good condition and the interior only shows limited signs of wear.

All in all, a lovely original Battle of Britain period b-type flying helmet I fantastic condition that displays beautifully. This would compliment any RAF collection.