Original First Pattern RAF C Type Flying Helmet

Original First Pattern RAF C Type Flying Helmet

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An original early Second World War RAF First Pattern C - Type Flying helmet.

This pattern of helmet was introduced during 1941 and replaced the B-type flying helmet, although some features, such as the 'Bennetts' buckle are common to both types.

Features of the first pattern C-type also include forward goggle straps, not seen on the later models as well as a leather chin strap. Like the B-type flying helmet, this helmet was designed to be fitted with an external wiring loom.

This particular example is in good condition and displays nicely. The leather is good an supple whilst the chamois lining found inside the helmet is reasonable. The rubber ear pieces are good but have had a small portion cut of at the rear, although this isn't really noticeable. One cup is also split to the bottom but this is again only noticeable on close inspection. The only other flaw is that the chin strap has been shortened, but this could well be a period modification.

There are no makers labels or size stamps, however, there is an RAF A.I.D stamp which is a nice feature. The helmet fits well onto a display head so I would suggest it is a size No.2.

Overall a nice helmet, which whilst not perfect, is a good solid early example which displays well.