Original Air Ministry 1938 Dated RAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots Size 8

Original Air Ministry 1938 Dated RAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots Size 8

Code: 54974


An original pair of 1938 dated Royal Air Force 1936 Pattern Flying Boots in a size 8. 

This pattern of boots was introduced during the inter-war period and are now synonymous with pilots and aircrew of the Battle of Britain as they feature in so many photographs from the period. They were used throughout the rest of the war by air crews in Coastal Command, The Fleet Air Arm, the USAAF and more. 

The boots are made from a black dyed leather and feature a sheepskin lining. Straps are fitted to the top of each boot to allow them to be tightened around the calf. The soles are leather whilst the heels are rubber and bear the brand name of 'Shape Master'. 

Inside the boots are two leather pull tabs, one of which bears the Air Ministry AM and crown marking along with the size of 8 and the 1938 contract number which reads 759443 38. 

The boots are in reasonably good condition and display well. They show signs of wear and age as is evident in the pictures. The soles show signs of being glued in some places and there is some loss of stitching to the upright seam on the inside of the left boot. The buckle which fastens the strap at the top of the right boot is missing its prong but this does not affect the way the boots display.

Overall a fairly good pair of boots which display nicely. They have the all important Air Ministry markings making them much rarer than the more common private purchase examples.