Original 1941 Pattern Flying Boots - Size 9

Original 1941 Pattern Flying Boots - Size 9

Code: 52635


A nice pair of original RAF 1941 pattern flying boots in good condition.

This pattern of boots came into issue with the RAF during the Second World and were particularly popular with Bomber Command, earning the nickname of 'bomber boots'.

This particular pair are in good condition with only limited signs of age and wear. The suede uppers are in good shape with some marks where the straps have rubbed over the years. The sheepskin lining is also very good and mostly intact with a very small section missing to the top of one of the boots. The soles are also in good condition with no cracking and the heels are modern replacements. The ankle straps are also replacements but have been faithfully reproduced. The rubber galosh section which runs around the boot where it joins the sole is in good condition for the most part with some missing to the rear as can be seen in the pictures. Both boots are fitted with matching 'Lightning' brand zippers as are commonly found on this pattern of boots. 

The leather flap which sits behind the zipper on each boot bears the War Department broad arrow marking as well as the numeral '9' which relates to size. There is also evidence of where one, or possibly two, names have been added in ink. There is also a serial number to the rear of the tab which appears to read '4172758' which may offer the chance of further research. 

Altogether a nice pair of boots which display very well and are in a harder to find, larger size.