Original 1940 Dated B-Type Flying Helmet

Original 1940 Dated B-Type Flying Helmet

Code: 50069

A fantastic unissued example of the RAF B-Type flying helmet.

The B-Type flying helmet came into use with the RAF during the 1930s and became synonymous with the Battle of Britain. This example is still as it would have been from the factory so doesn't have any ears fitted. The ear pieces where supplied separately and fitted to the helmets at squadron level.

It may also be worth noting that some very early airborne units also used this pattern of flying helmet before being issued with their own pattern of helmet.

This particular B-type is in great condition. The leather exterior is in good shape and has no nicks or tears. The chamois lining is virtually spotless! This helmet was clearly never worn.

Both 'bennetts' buckles are intact and in good condition as are the leather straps and the leather cover securing ring that work with this.

The pop studs are both free from corrosion and retain their brown paint to the exterior.

The label inside is in fantastic condition and extremely clear.

This example would certainly be hard to better!