Original 1930s Brown Leather Flying Helmet by 'D. Lewis' + Gosports

Original 1930s Brown Leather Flying Helmet by 'D. Lewis' + Gosports

Code: 52893


An original brown leather flying helmet made by 'D. Lewis' and dating from the 1930s. 

This style of helmet was extremely popular with the RAF as well as with civilian flyers during the inter-war period. 'D Lewis' (better known post-war as Lewis Leathers) were a prolific manufacturer of this style of helmet and were often the brand of choice. 

The helmet features a brown chromed leather exterior and chamois lining to the interior. It features ear flaps which fasten with press studs and are designed to house the receiver sections of the Gosport Tubes. A small tab and buckle are located to the rear of the helmet and is used to hold goggle straps in place. A leather chin strap is also present and features a suede section to cushion it against the wearer's skin. A brass buckle with a single prong fastens the strap.

Inside the helmet the original label is present and bears the classic 'D. Lewis' Ltd logo as well as the address of 124 Great Portland Street. 

The helmet comes complete with a set of Gosport Tubes which appear to be original to it. Gosport Tubes were standard for communication during the inter-war period and this set still retains their horse hair washers which would suggest that this is an original, untouched set. These are usually missing on helmets found today!

The helmet will fit around a 6 7/8 - 7 size head and fits a display head well. The overall condition of the helmet is very good with some limited signs of age and wear. There is some loss to the chrome leather finish at the top of the helmet as shown in the pictures, although this does not greatly detract from the item. 

A nice example with a great label and original Gosport Tubes. This would make an excellent addition to any aviation collection!