Incredible original WW2 RAF C Type Flying Helmet + G Type Mask

Incredible original WW2 RAF C Type Flying Helmet + G Type Mask

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A fantastic original Second World War RAF C Type flying helmet with G Type oxygen mask and wiring. 

This helmet set is a genuine wartime pairing which has survived the passage of time unmolested. Whilst it is possible to buy these parts individually, complete wartime used sets are very hard to find making this a great opportunity for the serious collector. 

The C Type helmet is an early example which is often referred to as 'first pattern' by collectors. These were produced between 1941 and 1944 making it a guaranteed wartime example. It features the desirable forward goggle straps which were deleted from the pattern during the war as well as the early style leather chin strap and 'Bennetts' buckle which is another trademark of these early helmets. The chromed leather exterior presents well on the whole and all the stitching appears strong. The chamois lining is good with no serious flaws but plenty of signs of service wear which are to be expected from an original set which was used on ops. The helmet is a large size which is certainly a size 3 and could even be a size 4. 

The rubber receiver cups fitted to each side of the helmet house original RAF 10A/13466 receivers which both bear the Air Ministry AM and crown marking. An external wiring loom is fitted to these and is in good clean condition with some signs of wear and age. 

Finally is the G Type oxygen mask which is a good original example which is a medium size. It retains its original grey webbing harness and is fitted with the correct Type 48 microphone which retains its original rubber dust ring although this has perished somewhat. The original copper nose piece is still in place which are often missing and a ladies hair clip has been added to hold it in place. This is a lovely period personalisation and is clearly original to the mask as is evident by the way the rubber has cracked around it. The copper wire which holds the harness to the left side (as worn) is missing but it looks to have been worn this way and it still displays well. The mask has plenty of signs of use but is pliable and displays well with no serious flaws. 

Most of the most notable attributes of this set is the oxygen hose fitted to the mask. This is a rare original wartime example which is notably different to the post-war examples often offered onto the market. It is made from a lighter gauge rubber and appears thinner and longer than later hoses. These are very rare to find today and is testament to how original and authentic this set is. The end of the hose features the correct 6D/526 MK IV brass bayonet fitting which is held in place with the correct style of twine used during WW2. 

A truly fantastic genuine wartime set, the likes of which do not come onto the market very often. This would make an excellent addition to any RAF collection and would be very hard to better in many ways!