H-Type Oxygen Mask

H-Type Oxygen Mask

Code: 50072

A lovely example of the H-type oxygen mask, compete in every way apart from the oxygen hose.

This pattern of oxygen mask came into use with the RAF towards the end of 1944 and saw service well into the 1970s.

This particular example is postwar although the masks changed very little during their service life.

The rubber face piece is in very good condition and still retains its light green colour it would have had from the factory.

The harness is in very good condition and still retains full elasticity. The pop studs are corrosion free and the leather work is in great shape.

The mic is the later pattern mic and is complete with its wiring. The on/off switch works well.

All in all a great mask which displays very nicely. These masks are becoming more and more sort after by collectors, especially in great condition like this.