First Pattern RAF C-Type Flying Helmet - Large Size 4

First Pattern RAF C-Type Flying Helmet - Large Size 4

Code: 50005

For your consideration we have here an original early - mid World War Two period C-type flying helmet in a generous size 4.

This type of flying helmet is synonymous with the fighter pilots of the Second World War and also saw use with Bomber Command the USAAF and many other during the conflict.

This is the early pattern C-type which has a leather chin strap and Bennett buckle as the B-type which proceeded it did, and extra goggle straps to the top of the helmet. This pattern was superseded in 43/44 for the far more common second pattern which had an elastic chin strap and no forward pop studs, amongst other notable features.

This C-type is a lovely example which really would be hard to better. The leather exterior is in great condition with no flaw as far as I can see as you can see in the photographs. I have given the helmet a coat of high quality leather feed and it has come up magnificently.

The Bennetts buckle is in good condition and still retains all ta leather work which is often missing. The chin protector that hangs below the Bennett buckle is beautifully marked with the AM mark and stores code as you can see in the photographs.

This example has no label and no stamps as far as I can see. However there is no doubt that this helmet is a size 4 - it's absolutely huge! If there was such a thing as a size 5 I would be tempted to say it was one! This really is a large size helmet, as can be seen by the way it swamps the display head.

The interior is in great shape and shows only a small amount of use. There are no rips an tears apart from a small amount around one of the oxygen mask pop studs. Please study the pictures as it can clearly be seen. The interior is also marked to a 'D White' inside one of the ear pieces.

All in all a fantastic example of an early C-type flying helmet in a large size 4. These early pattern helmets are hard to come by, especially in such a large size so don't miss out!