Early First Pattern C-Type Flying Helmet - Size 2

Early First Pattern C-Type Flying Helmet - Size 2

Code: 50522


A well used early first pattern C-type flying helmet labelled as a size no.2 which would be ideal as a project or display case piece.

This flying helmet features the extra inverted goggle straps, leather chin strap as well as the early type label. The helmet also only has two pop studs on each cheek rather than three which is a feature of early 1st pattern C-type flying helmets.

The helmet has had the rubber ear cups removed and a piece of leather added in, possibly during the war, but more likely postwar. Ear cups are available from certain suppliers so this could be returned to its orignal state with some time and effort.

The leather of the helmet is in reasonable condition but there are some areas of crazing. There is also a hole to the right of chin strap on the left cheek and the orignal 'Bennetts' buckle has been replaced with a period buckle.

The inside of the helmet is grubby but intact. The label is still clearly visible and states the helmet as a size 2 and bares the RAF stores reference code: 22C/450 below the Air Ministry crown Mark. Both ear donuts have tears to them, one on each side. The left hand one is larger but could possibly be repaired.

Early first pattern C-type flying helmets with all the features and a good label rarely turn up. This would be ideal for someone who wanted a project or just a display piece.