C-Type Flying Helmet - Second Pattern

C-Type Flying Helmet - Second Pattern

Code: 50073

A good original example of the second pattern C-Type flying helmet complete with receivers and orignal wartime wiring loom and bell plug.

The second pattern of the C-type flying helmet came into service in 1943 replacing the earlier pattern and staying in service in this form until after the war. The main differences with the second pattern include an elasticated chin strap and internal wiring as per this example.

The leather outer of the helmet is in reasonable condition although does show signs of wear consummate with wear. The most effected areas are where the goggles would be worn which means that when displayed with goggles, the wear isn't seen.

The wiring loom is a very nice example and displays well. The bell plug however does have a chip roughly 2cm long to the outer edge.

All the metalwork is in good condition and usable as are all the pop studs. The stitching appears strong in all areas.

The interior is on ok condition with signs of wear inside. One of the ear donuts has a tear to it but this doesn't effect the way it displays. There is also a small section of the lining missing to the back of the helmet which the wiring loom can be seen through.

This helmet is a size 2 or 3 judging on how it fits the display head.

Overall, a nice wartime period flying helmet that displays nicely.