1943 Pattern Escape Boots with 92 Squadron Provenance

1943 Pattern Escape Boots with 92 Squadron Provenance

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Here we have an absolutely beautiful pair of 1943 pattern escape boots, easily the finest pair I have ever come across! Not only are they immaculate but these boots have some very interesting provenance.

These boots belonged to John G Butler who flew English Electric Lightening's with 92 Squadron before later moving on to flying for BOAC.

Both boots are clearly marked inside with his name and BOAC and I also have a letter of provenance from the family confirming this.

It is interesting that the history of these wartime boots is postwar, obviously it was a style that John Butler had taken a liking to at some point and carried on using.

These boots really are immaculate and were clearly extremely well looked after throughout their life. The black leather shoe portion is lovely, the leather having an amazing shin to it and a really deep finish. The suede uppers are in very good condition, both the brass lightening zippers work very well, the laces appear to be the originals and all the metal parts are very good with no corrosion.

These boots are roughly a size 6-7.

All in all an incredible example of the iconic WW2 RAF Escape Boots which would be extremely hard to better!