Size 9 Deck Boots - RAF, Home Guard, Royal Navy

Size 9 Deck Boots - RAF, Home Guard, Royal Navy

Code: 50467


A pair of original postwar manufactured deck boots ina good size 9.

Whilst these boots are most likely of postwar manufacture they are ofnthe period and the correct construction featuring the correct metalwork to the bottom etc.

These boots are an ideal stopgap for a mannequin or reenactor struggling to find original War Dated boots without a toe cap. These boots are virtually identical to those worn by the RAF, Royal Navy, Home Guard, Canadian Army and more throughout the Second World War.

The boots have a ‘9’ stamped onto the sole as well as inside on the insole which denotes the size. The sole of the boots features studs in a pattern that was used many many years and is completely acceptable for WW2.

The boots feature five brass eyelets and a pair of cotton laces which could be changed for leather to get a more period look.

A nice pair of period boots which would be perfect for a reenactor or mannequin.