Original French M26 Adrian Helmet

Original French M26 Adrian Helmet

Code: 11007


A very original French M1926 'Adrian' Helmet with the 1915 Infantry Cavalry badge to the front.

This pattern of helmet came into issue with the French Army during the interwar years replacing the earlier pattern used in the Great War. This pattern featured a large shell and was finished in green, tying in with the move to green uniforms.

The helmet is a good early example with the aluminium top section and desirable black liner. The paint is the original finish and the chin strap also looks to be original to the helmet making it a very nice example. The original liner is a small size but fits a display head well.

The condition of the helmet is good as can be seen from the pictures. Some of the original paint finish is missing due to use and the liner isn't perfect. Overall however it displays very nice.

Altogether a very original French helmet with various desirable features. This is a genuine Second World War era helmet and not a later manufactured example.