Original 1944 Dated Canadian Signals Satchel by 'Jelco'

Original 1944 Dated Canadian Signals Satchel by 'Jelco'

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An original Canadian made 1937 pattern Signals Satchel which was made by 'Jelco' in 1944. 

This pattern of bag was introduced for use with various signals equipment and was used throughout the Second World War. It is made from the standard khaki coloured webbing and features a strap also made in this material. The bag is made from rubberised cotton rather than webbing which is a defining quality of these Canadian made examples. The front flap fastens with a brass ended tab and brass twig buckle and features an internal divider. 

The original markings are present to the top of the bag which read 'Satchel Signals' below which is the maker's name of 'Jelco' and the number '44' which denotes the year of manufacture as 1944. The Canadian broad arrow in a C marking is also present to the front of the flap. 

The overall condition is good with some staining and limited signs of age and use. 

A good original example which would make a nice addition to a collection!