Scarce Original 1943 Dated British Army Colt Magazine Pouch

Scarce Original 1943 Dated British Army Colt Magazine Pouch

Code: 55694


A very rare original British Army Colt 1911 Magazine Pouch which was made by 'MECo' in 1943. 

This pattern of pouch was approved and sealed as a pattern by the British Army in 1940. It is the same design as the RAF 1925 pattern 'carrier' produced in the inter-war period but is made from khaki coloured webbing rather than blue-grey. These pouches were used by men issued with the Browning High Power pistol or the Colt 1911 and were often used by Commando and Airborne regiments as well as the SAS which makes them highly sought-after today. They were only made in very limited numbers meaning that they are rarely offered onto the market today. 

This example is in good condition and has been treated with a coat of KG3 blanco which is a common colour to find on wartime used webbing. Both of the flaps fasten with brass press studs and there are two brass hooks to the rear which allow the pouch to be fastened to a webbing belt. The rear of the pouch is marked with the maker's name of 'MECo' which denotes Mills Equipment Company as the maker. The 1943 date is also present. The vertical style of stamp is noted on various other surviving examples of this pouch. 

The overall condition of the pouch is very good with some limited signs of wear and age. Please Take time to study the pictures as it is a vintage item though which is well over 70 years old so it may have small issues commensurate with age.

A very rare piece of wartime British webbing which is a must have for the serious Commando, Airborne or SAS collector.