Scarce Original 1939 Dated Mill's Officer's Quality Water Bottle

Scarce Original 1939 Dated Mill's Officer's Quality Water Bottle

Code: 55696


A very rare original Mills Equipment Company officer's quality webbing water bottle cradle and matching water bottle in excellent condition. 

This pattern of cradle was introduced in 1916 as part of a new set of equipment made by Mills from webbing. Prior to this all officer's kit had been made in leather which made them conspicuous on the battlefield which led to many officer's wearing ordinary ranks webbing instead. This prompted Mills to create a new set in webbing which was produced during the Great War and throughout the inter-war period. 

Equipment made for officer's is immediately recognisable as it is made from a much finer weave of webbing using single warp threads rather than the double warp used on standard webbing. The design is the same as used for the 1919 pattern web equipment and all the fittings are brass. The cradle has been blancoed with shade 97 blanco which was popular during the inter-war period as well as in the Second World War. The original maker's stamp is present to the reverse of the cradle and reads 'MECo' followed by the 1939 date.

A Cobalt Blue water bottle is fitted into the cradle and is the MK VII version. It is fitted with the khaki drab coloured cover which was introduced in 1939. 

A very rare piece of officer's webbing which is rarely seen on the market.