Scarce 1943 Dated British Army Bicycle Tool Repair Bag

Scarce 1943 Dated British Army Bicycle Tool Repair Bag

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A very rare original British Army Bicycle Tool Repair Bag which was made in 1943 and is in excellent condition.

This pattern of bag was produced during the Second World War specifically to accommodate cyclist tools and repair items. It is a similar size to a shell dressing bag from the same period but is constructed in a different manner to other satchels. It features reinforcing panels which suggest that it was intended to carry a lot of weight and features a fixed shoulder strap which can be adjusted but not removed from the bag. Inside the bag features a dividing flap which acts as a partition as well as a small pocket which fastens with brass press studs. 

The underside of the flap bears the maker's initials, the 1943 date and the War Department broad arrow marking. 

The bag is in excellent condition with some signs of wear and age. Overall it displays very well with no serious flaws or damage. 

A very rare bag which is a must have for any wartime British bicycle or BSA airborne bicycle enthusiast.