Rare Original 1939 Dated British Army MK1 Universal Pouch

Rare Original 1939 Dated British Army MK1 Universal Pouch

Code: 52519


A scarce original British made MK1 1937 Pattern Universal Pouch, clearly dated 1939. 

This MK 1 example is the first pattern of pouch produced as part of the 1937 pattern webbing set. It came into issue in 1938 before being replaced by the MKII varient in the summer of 1940, following the evacuation from Dunkirk. This timeframe means that this pattern is the only acceptable pattern of universal pouch for a British Expeditionary Force web set from 1939 or 1940. 

The pouch is made from the standard webbing material and features a brass press stud to close the front, a brass twig buckle to the top and brass belt hangers to the rear. These belt hangers are noticable higher than on the MKII and mean that the pouch sits very differently when on the waistbelt. 

Inside the pouch the the makers marking is visisble and reads 'M. W. & S. Ltd' which denotes Michael Wright & Sons Ltd as the manufacturer. Next to the is the 1939 date and the War Department broad arrow marking. 

The pouch is in very good condition as can be seen in the pictures. It has been used but does not show signs of undue wear and is very sound overall. It has been blanco'd at some stage with a light shade of green blanco which looks to be 103. This has washed out whilst in use but is still visible in the corners. 

A rare pouch in excellent condition and with a nice, clear early date. A much have for the serious early war collector!