Rare 1942 Dated Indian Made Compss Pouch

Rare 1942 Dated Indian Made Compss Pouch

Code: 50535


A scarce original Indian made 1937 pattern compass pouch clearly dated 1942 and in good condition.

This pouch is made from a loose weave webbing which is typical of Indian made item, as is the rough cast brass pop stud. This inside of the pouch is lined with a hessian padding which is different from the felt used on British made examples.

The pouch is clearly dated 1942 inside and features other ink stamps to the rear which are again typical of Indian made webbing.

The condition is very good and the pouch is structurally sound. There are however some marks and and there is a rip to the lining. All of this can be seen in the pictures.

Altogether, a nice original pouch with a clear wartime date. These Indian made examples are very scarce!