Orignal 1942 Dated British Army Rubberised Ground Sheet

Orignal 1942 Dated British Army Rubberised Ground Sheet

Code: 50554


A rare 1942 dated example of the British Army rubberised ground sheet in good original condition.

These groundsheets were issued to British troops throughout the Second World War but survivors are rare today compared to the more commonly found rain capes.

This example is made from the correct tan rubberised material used throughout the war before being replaced with a dark green at the very end of the war. The sheet features stamped holes around the edges which is correct for the year. Earlier examples had brass eyelets but these were deleted from the factory process due to austerity measures.

The cape is nicely marked in one corner with the makers name 'J. Weinberg & Sons LTD' and the 1942 date. Between these is the War Department broad arrow stamp.

The condition of the sheet is good with no rips or other damage. There are numerous marks however which are to be excepted from a ground sheet which has been issued. There is a seam towards the top of the sheet where an extra panel has been added. I'm not sure if this is part of the factory process or if the original owner added it but the material is a perfect match and the sheet has clearly been like this for a very long time.

Overall a fantastic example of a groundsheet which is nicely marked and dated and in good useable condition. These are becoming very hard to find now!