Original WW2 Indian Made MK 1 Universal Pouch

Original WW2 Indian Made MK 1 Universal Pouch

Code: 50431


An original WW2 Indian made British Army 1937 Pattern MK1 universal pouch in good condition.

This rare pouch is of the earliest design which was superseded by the Mk2 and Mk3 pouches respectively throughout the Second World War. The MK1 pouch features a far higher belt hanger which makes the pouch sit lower on the belt.

The pouch features brass fittings and has had a coat of a light coloured blanco which appears to be shade No.103. Inside the pouch are three balisite loops which were a feature on the MK1 pouch.

The overall condition of the pouch is good an it displays well. It would make a great substitute for a British made example for someone who wished to build and early War BEF web Set.