Original WW2 British Army Rain Cape

Original WW2 British Army Rain Cape

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An original British Army Waterproof raincape dating from the Second World War.

This pattern of cape was introduced in 1941 and followed the same basic pattern as those issued during the Great War. These tan examples superseded the earlier brown versions and were replaced in 1945 with the more commonly found green pattern. This pattern saw widespread issue with British soldiers through the Second World War, being carried under the flap of the small pack by many across Normandy, Italy and many other countries fought over by British forces between 1941 and 1944. 

This pattern is made from a khaki coloured rubberised cotton and features simple stamped holes to the edges rather than the brass eyelets found on earlier examples. 

The cape is in well used condition with staining and a couple of holes. Some of the buttons are missing but the cape is still pliable. Please study the pictures provided. 

Whilst far from perfect this is still an original WW2 example which has clearly seen some action and could make a good addition to a British Army collection or display.