Original WW2 British Army Map Board

Original WW2 British Army Map Board

Code: 10954


An original Second World War period British Army wooden map board complete with a map of Bournemouth.

This pattern of map board was used throughout the Second World War by a plethora of units. Sadly they were never dated so it is not possible to date them exactly but these were a common item during WW2. The board itself is wooden and features a canvas pencil holder to the top which fastens with brass ‘Newey’ pop studs. Two sprung metal and string bands hold the see-through plastic cover onto the board, all of which are original and the correct pattern.

The board is in good used condition and displays well. Please study the pictures for further details.

A nice original WW2 period map case which would make a good addition to a collection or re-enactment group.