Original British Army 'Outfit First Aid for A. F. V's'

Original British Army 'Outfit First Aid for A. F. V's'

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An original British Army 'Outfit First Aid for A. F. V's (External Component)' in good used condition. 

This pattern of first aid tin was used in various armoured fighting vehicles during the Second World War and into the 1950s. They were used in tanks as well as in armoured cars etc and would have contained various elements of the first aid kit. It is made from metal which has been painted black and features the name in white to the lid. The lid fastens with a wire catch and there is a wire carry handle. 

The original paper instructions are no longer present so it is impossible to date exactly. The stenciling on the top matches wartime dated examples so it is usable for both WW2 and post- war scenarios. 

The tin is in good condition with signs of wear and age. A piece of sponge has been added to the interior of the lid at some stage although most of it has since been removed. Please study the pictures before purchasing.

A good original item!