Original British Army 1903 Pattern Leather Waist Belt

Original British Army 1903 Pattern Leather Waist Belt

Code: 52027


An original 1903 Pattern British Army leather belt as won during both World Wars.

This belt was originally part of the 1903 pattern leather equipment which came into issue before the Great War. Aside from a short period of six years from 1917 to 1923 this belt stayed in service well into the post Second World War Period.

It is often seen worn as a trousers belt in both World Wars but is also seen worn over the Service Dress tunic by mounted troops, Military Police and more. The Home Guard used this belt during the Second World War and it formed part of the Home Guard webbing set.

This particular example has no date stamps or similar as far as I can see, and due to their long service life are impossible to date accurately when not marked. Both the leather and brass have good age to them though and it certainly wouldn't look out of place with either First or Second World War items.

The belt has a large number of holes meaning it could fit someone from a 24" waist to a 34" waist. The buckle could also be moved to a second hole (the hole can be seen in the last picture) which would allow a couple of inches extra.

The condition of the belt is good as can be seen in the pictures. It shows only limited signs of age and use and displays well.

Altogether a nice example of a 1903 belt. It would suit a re-enactor or collector very well.