Original 1945 Dated 1944 Pattern Jungle AFV Map Case

Original 1945 Dated 1944 Pattern Jungle AFV Map Case

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An original 1944 pattern British Jungle pattern AFV map case dated 1945. 

This pattern or map case was introduced alongside the new 1944 pattern web equipment designed for use in the Jungle. It is made from webbing which is dyed the dark green colour always used for 44 pattern webbing. It features pop studs around all three of the opening edges, a pen and ruler pocket to the inside of the front flap and an adjustable carry handle. The inside features a separate section between the front and back covers which has a celluloid cover behind which maps can be stored. 

The original manufacturer's stamp is still present to the inside of the flap and is still bright and legible. The map case was made by Caoutchouc Products Ltd, featuring their initials 'C. P. Ltd'. The 1945 date is next to this as is the War Department broad arrow marking. The case is also marked in white 'Keep Mosquito repellent off celluloid'.

The case is in good condition with only limited signs of wear and age. 

A very nice example of this rare jungle pattern item.