Original 1943 Dated British Army WS18 Set Shoulder Strap

Original 1943 Dated British Army WS18 Set Shoulder Strap

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A very hard to find original economy pattern British Army wireless set No. 18 shoulder strap dated 1943. 

This pattern of strap was introduced during the Second World War to be used in conjunction with the economy pattern waist belt of the WS18 set. These straps are very often missing from wireless sets offered for sale today as they were regularly removed post WW2 when the radios were used by ammatuer enthusiasts. 

The strap is made from the standard khaki coloured double warp thread used during this period and looks like a standard L - Strap at first glance. It is longer however and the smaller strap is adjustable and features a hook to the end. The original maker's marking is still present and is bright and legible. It bears the maker's initials of 'P. S. S.' which denotes Princess Silk Shade as the maker. The 1943 date is also present as is the War Department broad arrow marking. 

The strap is in good condition with some signs of age etc. 

A rare piece of Second World War wireless equipment.