Original 1943 Dated British Army RAC MKII Pistol Holster

Original 1943 Dated British Army RAC MKII Pistol Holster

Code: 54384


A rare original 1943 Dated British Army Royal Armoured Corps MKII pistol holster in fine condition. 

This pattern of holster saw extensive issue with tank crews and armoured crews in many campaigns during the Second World War and is now synonymous with the men who fought 'inside the metal'. The holster is made from the standard webbing material and is open top to allow for easy access. A single strap fastens over the top of the pistol and is secured with the standard type of press stud. Loops are fitted to the outside which allows extra ammunition to be carried. 

When studying the reverse of the holster it is clear that it has been shortened at the factory from a MK1 holster. This modification was carried out at all factories when the original length was deemed to be too long. 

The holster is dated inside the loop with the 1943 date along with the maker's name of 'MECo' which denotes Mill Equipment Company as the manufacturer. MECo were one of the most prolific maker's of webbing for the British military during WW2. 

The holster is in excellent condition as can be seen in the pictures. It appears to be an unissued example which shows no signs of previous wear or use.

A fine war dated example which would be very hard to better!